Get Your COVID-19 Antigen test report within 15 minutes at home - VIDEO VERIFICATION

Our video platform will allow you to process the antigen test and automatically bring your certificate onto the platform, fast and easy.


Follow these steps to get a result for your COVID antigen test.

If you have purchased a product from Aeromedical Consulting UK. Please ensure you read and watch videos of all the instructions provided on how to take a test and get verified. FasterChecks is not a test provider. Therefore, you must comply with the Antigen testing standards of your provider.

To get you started, you must first purchase a COVID antigen test kit (individually or part of a package) from your approved provider. FasterChecks will allow you to perform your antigen test and our team will verify your result and generate a certificate for you. When you have received your antigen test kit from your UK government listed provider, scan the QR code found on the 'Instruction card' provided within your test kit box, to go to the correct webpage or visit the website provided there. Watch the video on 'How to take a test' and sign up. Once you have signed up, log in and click on 'Take a test'.

STEP 1- Scan the QR code found on your Activation card to begin taking the test.

STEP 2- Fill in the relevant passenger information like your name, date of birth, travel ID etc.

STEP 3- Using the camera on your mobile phone or other device take a picture of the blank test strip BEFORE starting your test.

STEP 4- Record a video using the app whilst you perform your test. Please do this carefully to avoid any mistakes.

STEP 5- Take a final picture of the result strip after 15 minutes. The timer will also remind you when to check your result.

Once these steps are completed, your information is automatically uploaded to our trained checking team who will then issue you a certificate of your negative or positive result.


If your COVID Antigen test is Negative, you can use our certificate to progress through the next steps of your journey (Please see Government guidelines).

During your test if you have any technical queries please write us on