A video of how to take the antigen test using FasterChecks


Once you receive your antigen test kit, the above video will help you understand how to do the test. If you have not purchased a test please click HERE to visit Aeromedical Consulting UK's COVID-19 tests.

What happens next after you order

Your pack of rapid lateral flow home test kits should arrive to your address as per terms and conditions. If there are any delays, use your tracking number to chase this with Royal Mail. There are no delivery services on weekends.

What is in the test pack

The pack contains:

• 1 Hughes healthcare Antigen test kit (single use)

• Instructions on how to take the test AND get verified using FasterChecks.

• Antigen Test Standards - some rules you must follow to get a verified result.

Testing young children (minors)

In some cases the patient may be a child. If your child is under age of 13, you (as the adult guardian) will need to provide consent to allow this test to be done and permission to share the data on the platform.

You can register on the app. We only recommend anyone 18 and above to register on the app. This will allow you to log in.

When you log in and click on take a test, after you scan the activation QR code (Step 3), when you punch in the passenger's DOB, our system will automatically generate a further pop up consent needed for you (the adult guardian) to fill in. Also we do recommend that while performing the video - that you as the adult simply just say you consent to the child to conduct the test.